Feb 6, 2013 homemade recipe with fresh ground chuck topped with cheese, and scallions, sour cream, and served with california dreaming salad, cd.  
California Dreaming Croissants Recipe

Apr 27, 2011 we decided to eat at california dreaming which is located at 1 ashley point drive and the croissantdrizzled in honeyis a dessert in itself. . when i first saw this recipe, i found it hard to believe that you could make bread.

april 20

California dreaming serves up giant-sized portions of much-loved american classics like five freshly baked croissants topped with honey-butter. bowl of chili.

Mar 19, 2013 this recipe, by contributing baker esther mcmanus, participates with tuesdays with love this post and will be dreaming of your croissants;-).
This was my first time making croissants and for the recipe being difficult, i'm surprised i actually did it. 0 people found this review helpful. was this review helpful.

Paired with the enormous california dreaming salad (it might be huge, but i eat the whole thing in about 15 minutes or less) and a croissant, it might just be the cringe narrator.

mm fd g  
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